At Moxxie Business Services we offer a range of services to support your business including business coaching and consulting, business health checks, management advice, career coaching and training and development.

We aim to create your Pathway to Success – help you set new business or career goals and give you the confidence to achieve those goals – building an outstanding and successful business or career.



Bookeeping Services:

Business Health Checks

Our Business Health Check will tell us how your business is tracking and what needs your attention. We will then work with you to establish the changes you need to make to achieve a stronger and more successful business.

Moxxie Business Health Check Package ($165.00) includes the Business Health Check for business owner completion and a one hour coaching session to review the health of your business and provide advice on opportunities you can take to improve business elements.

Goal Setting and Planning

Having a business plan is so important, it is your blueprint for the future. It defines your business vision, goals and actions that will take your business to the next level and beyond. We can work with you and your leadership team to build a business strategy and plan that will drive the change you want in your business.

Financial Management

Without a good understanding of your business finances you will struggle to achieve your blueprint for action. We will review your key financial drivers and build a budget to support your business plan.

New Business Advisory

Have you got a great business idea but don’t know where to start to put it into action? We can advise you on setting up your new business for success including business planning, business structure, registrations, regulations and managing your finances.

Scribing Services

With more than 10 years experience in recruitment processes, we provide exceptional scribing services including attendance at interviews (to capture candidate responses and panel deliberations and ratings), reference checking and drafting of the selection report.

“Melinda’s expertise and experience in recruitment campaigns was so important and helped us achieve the right outcome for the Department. Melinda provided her support and advice, where appropriate, to ensure a smooth process. The selection report was well written and represented the selection panel’s decision.”      EL2, Dept I&RD, 2016


Business Coaching and Consulting:

Do you want to transform your career?

Do you want to land your dream job?

Whatever the stage of your career, in today’s fast-paced business world, it’s important to have a clear path forward. That is what career coaching is designed to do. It provides you with clearly defined goals and clarity of purpose so that you can achieve your dream career in a purposeful way.

You may be wanting to transform your career, change careers, land your dream job, enhance your leadership skills or go for the next promotion. Or you may have simply lost direction and don’t know where you should focus yourself.

Melinda Varley, your career coach, can help you draw out your strengths, enhance your leadership and management skills and push through those barriers that are holding you back to realise your potential and achieve your dream career.

We have a range of packages to suit your needs including:

Package 1: Career Coaching Package ($550)

2 x 2 hour coaching sessions where Melinda will explore your career desires, establish your career values, work through what is holding you back and develop your career action plan ready for your action.

Package 2: Career Coaching and Resume Package ($650)

This package provides for the same coaching service in Package 1 and the development of a progressive and targetted resume.

“I truly appreciate the guidance, support and encouragement you have provided me with other the past few months. I have developed more self-confidence and greater assertiveness in my professional life and my personal life. I feel as though I am now more confident about my future career path. Thank you.         Sarah – NFP, Canberra, 2016

Why would you see Melinda?

So, what is Career Coaching?



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Running a business is hard work!

We offer a range of small business services including:

Business strategy and planning – we will work with you and your leadership team to build a strong business strategy, develop goals and objectives and an annual business plan that will drive you towards the success you want in your business.

Business Health Checks – we offer a Business Health Check service that will review the key elements and drivers of business and establish how healthy your business is. We can then work with you to make the business improvements required.

Business Process Re-Engineering – are your business processes well developed and structured to support the business effectively? We can review your business processes and support you to restructure how you conduct your business to reduce the resource burden.

Financial Management – as qualified accountants and experienced bookkeepers, we can support you to manage your business finances to achieve better cash flow and provide you with the financial reports you need to help you make well-informed business decisions.

Contact Melinda now to set up your free initial consultation – see if we are a good fit and if we can help you achieve what you want to.