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Small Business Training – Canberra

Moxxie Training Academy is a training hub for small business in Canberra and beyond. The Academy provides small business owners and their staff with access to training across the breadth of business management subjects—from business structures, planning and financial management, to marketing and communications, and staff development.

The Academy delivers small business owners and their staff with face-to-face and online training programs that are designed to give participants real skills and real confidence, with personal and professional training and follow-up to be a vital part of ensuring participants get the most out of every training program.

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Strength in Numbers: Managing Your Business Money

Information & Registration 15 Nov 2017

Information & Registration 16 Feb 2018

Knowing your business numbers is a powerful skill in business. Too often, business owners take their eyes off their finances, simply hoping for the best. We’ll take the fear out of the numbers games and make you draw strength from knowing your financial statements, reports and worksheets.

DIY Bookkeeping

Information & Registration 22 Nov 2017

Information & Registration 1 Mar 2018

Information & Registration 24 April 2018

Bookkeeping can be complex, but with the right training, you can equip yourself to do your books without losing a weekend every month to keep them up-to-date. Our DIY bookkeeping course is developed by leading bookkeepers with experience in small business. They know what you need to manage your own bookkeeping or to understand what your bookkeeper is doing.


Better Business Systems

Information & Registration 5 Feb 2018

Information & Registration 27 Mar 2018

Do you find you spend way to much time on business administration? Not really sure what sorts of systems would work? This one day workshop will provide you with some key systems to support your business including customer management, financial and marketing.

DARE Business Blueprint

Information & Registration 6 Dec 2017

Information & Registration 22 June 2018

Dare to dream with our DARE Business Planning workshop. This annual program helps you set your direction, take action, reflect in real-time and engage with the business of your dreams! You will develop your business Blueprint for the next 12 months with key milestones and accountability to equip you for success and follow through on your business goals.

DARE Business Quarterly Planning

Information & Registration 8 Dec 2017

Information & Registration 22 Mar 2018

Information & Registration 12 June 2018

Dare to dream with our DARE business quarterly review and reset. This quarterly workshop helps you set your direction, take action, reflect in real-time and engage within actions for the next 3 months!

Let us help you with some time out from your business every quarter to strategically position your business. This is time and money well spent on your business. Use this time to drive your business dreams.

Knowledge + Implementation = Success. We’re with you every step of the way.


Social Media: Engaging With Your Audience

In this workshop you will learn how to link your social media marketing to your business objectives to gain more thank simply likes and follows. Learn how to engage with your audience and deliver business results through social media marketing covering Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Communication Strategy Setting

What is your business communications strategy? This small and focused workshop is a facilitated session that helps business owners identify their objectives, audience, key messages and develop a communication strategy – leading to business growth through awareness.


In this workshop you will learn the pros and cons of email newsletters, as well as how to assess your content and frequency needs. You will also gain tips in curating content, creating templates and systems to use to schedule and send.


Building Your Profile and Pitching to the Media

Information & Registration 14 Nov 2017

Want to be a known expert in your area? Want media attention from magazines to newspapers, radio and television for your business and your profile? This workshop will give you key information, tools and tips to help you raise your profile, cement yourself as an expert and communicate with influence. This full day workshop will also help you understand how to get your products and services in front of journalists and into the media.

Business Basics

Information & Registration 8 Mar 2018

Information & Registration 1 May 2018

Are you new to business or looking to set up a new business? Get to know your business structures, registrations and licenses, ideal customers, marketing and tax basics with this one day workshop, developed by experts and delivered to nurture you towards business success.

Social Media Marketing with Smartphone Imagery

Join two of Canberra’s experts in their fields, Sheena Ireland from Specialists in Communications and Kylee Sharples from Wilomark Imagery, at this fantastic small business marketing workshop. You will focus on creating a social media strategy for your business with helpful tips for creating content and an imagery bank as well as reusing content. There will be lots of tools and tips for planning and scheduling content for your social media marketing.

You will also get hands-on with styling for images using your smartphone, ensuring you are on brand and consistent. Lots of tips on taking a really good photograph with your smartphone that will fit with your social media marketing content and branding.